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Tanya Gabrielian


"...Unexpectedly entertaining. Gabrielian told jokes that were not always the kind you'd expect from a concert experience. They were periodically risqué, very light-hearted, and casual."

- New York Times


"Tanya brought the 'cool factor' to the music program at Hunter Elementary School. Her ability to captivate the attention of our students through the collaboration of art, music, and literacy produced a finale that was absolutely mesmerizing."

- Melinda McCool, Principal, Hunter Elementary School


"This concert was definitely kick-ass."

- Jacksonville Review


"Tanya demonstrated a natural gift for talking with students. In her intelligent and well-structured speech, she never talked down to her audience. The sincerity of her remarks made the students respond to her enthusiastically. After the presentation, she connected with students individually with ease."

- Martin Majkut, Music Director, Rogue Valley Symphony

Tanya has focused on building partnerships with schools, institutions, and diverse venues to educate audiences of all ages about the history and contemporary relevance of the arts, all while inspiring new ways of listening to and playing music. 


The benefits of arts education are irrefutable; not only do students learn how to express themselves, but they also perform better academically and show improved self-esteem, cultural awareness, inventiveness, inclusivity, and decision-making when engaged in the arts. 


Tanya feels just as comfortable with new audiences as experienced concert-goers, particularly enthusiastic about reaching out to schools, marginalized populations, and unusual locations. She has developed various projects and associations that focus on creating connections within communities, grounded in her strong belief that everybody can create and benefit from self-expression through art.

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